Scam Alert

Take Note of this Scam 

Posted Thursday, June 8, 2023 
Several North State Bank customers have been targeted by cybercriminals in order to access their accounts through Online Banking.

The Scheme:

  • Fraudsters text an account holder asking them to verify a debit card transaction.
  • If the account holder responds, the fraudster calls the account holder from a spoofed phone number that reads “North State Bank” on the caller ID.
  • The fraudster then attempts to convince the account holder to tell them their Online Banking login ID and password, followed by the secure access code that is texted to the account holder.
  • Once successfully logged in, the fraudster uses Zelle to send money from the account holder account to theirs.
Remember, a legitimate financial institution will NEVER ask you for your Online Banking login ID, password or secure access code. If you receive a suspicious text, email or phone call, call North State Bank through a phone number you source from our website.