Preventing and Reporting Wire Fraud

Cybercriminals use a variety of tactics to attempt to defraud individuals and companies, however there are simple safeguards that can successfully derail their attempts and optimize the opportunity of catching the perpetrators. 
Always Confirm Communications
When you receive an email containing wire instructions from a beneficiary, always call to confirm the details using a trusted phone number you have on file or a number you have researched using a source unrelated to the communication. Do not call the phone number provided in the email as it may be part of the fraud. Verifying the instructions with the beneficiary using a trusted phone number is a simple way to authenticate the communication. 
Monitor Your Account
We recommend monitoring your account at least once a day using Online Banking, which is available via your computer or mobile device. Set up transaction alerts for immediate notification of specified types of account activity. 
Report Suspicious Activity Immediately
Contact your bank and the authorities immediately if you suspect fraudulent activity. Criminals know they have a limited amount of time once they receive the funds. Time is money in the case of fraud; quick reporting is critical to the bank’s efforts to recoup the funds and to the authority’s efforts to track and apprehend fraudsters.