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Safely put away money for the future while earning interest and having access to your cash.

Ways to Save

An Even Closer Look:
Side-by-Side Comparison

Business Savings   Money Market   Certificates of Deposit (CD) Insured Cash sweep (ICS)
Minimum Opening Deposit  $500 $1,000 $500 N/A
(Compounded daily, paid and reported per statement cycle)
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Tiered based on account balance 
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Based on account balance and term
Accrued and compounded daily using a daily rate based on balance
Monthly Maintenance Fee $0 or $41 $0 or 61 _ -
Balance Requirement to Avoid Monthly Fee $500 $1,000 _ -
Number of Withdrawals Per Statement Cycle at No Charge  2

_ 6 for savings and money markets 
Fee Per Excess Withdrawal $3 $5 Penalties may apply -
Electronic or Paper Statement at No Charge teal checkmark teal checkmark  Paper maturity and renewal notices teal checkmark

1Monthly maintenance fee waived when minimum account balance requirement is met.