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The easy way to update your payment preferences with your favorite online shopping, streaming, and subscription services. Available within personal Online Banking, it’s a great way to swap your payment preferences to your North State Bank debit card with multiple brands from a single spot.
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Ready to make a move? 

Picture perfect home financing.

Our mortgage lenders work directly with borrowers from pre-approval to closing day to ensure seamless communication and an efficient, streamlined process.

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Smile-worthy checking.

Looking for a better checking account?

Our checking accounts range from just the essentials to all the bells and whistles with no skimping on digital services.

Community banking for all.

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Since our founding in 2000, North State Bank has uniquely defined what it means to be a community bank in Wake and New Hanover counties. Our focus is on creating an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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Borrow tomorrow's home equity today.

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Make a plan.

Work the plan.

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