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Positive Pay

For a low fee of $10 per month for each account, Positive Pay is a straightforward and affordable way to add a highly effective layer of protection to your account.

Positive Pay Explained

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What is Positive Pay?

It’s a tool designed to detect and stop fraudulent checks and ACH debit transactions from clearing your deposit account. It looks for forged, altered and counterfeit checks as well as unauthorized electronic ACH debit transactions.
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How do I know if my business needs Positive Pay?

If your business writes checks, we recommend Check Positive Pay.

If you want to control who can electronically withdraw funds from your account via ACH debit, we recommend ACH Positive Pay.

How does Positive Pay work?

Positive Pay for Checks:

  • Your company will upload a list of issued checks through the Positive Pay feature in Online Banking (Cash Management).
  • As checks are presented for payment, the Positive Pay system will compare each item's payee name, check number and amount to the list of issued transactions.
  • If a check transaction does not match the issued list, you’ll receive an exception notification by email and/or SMS text message. You’ll have a certain amount of time to review and accept or reject the item. Rejected items will be returned to the bank of first deposit. Items not accepted or rejected within the allotted time are processed based on the default auto-decision selected during Positive Pay account implementation.

Positive Pay for ACH Items: 

  • Your company can select to:
    • Automatically block all ACH debit transactions
      - or -
    • Set up a list of authorized ACH debit entities.
  • North State Bank will reject all ACH debit attempts for accounts using the ACH block feature. 
  • Accounts with an authorized list of ACH debit entities can choose to automatically return items (transactions) from entities not on the list, or customers can review those items to accept or reject.   

Ready to Enroll? 

Enrolling in Positive Pay is quick and easy. Simply contact your banker or send an email to CustomerService@NorthStateBank.com. An associate will coordinate your enrollment and will show you how to set up Positive Pay for your account(s).