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Essential Business Checking

For businesses with straightforward banking needs and a low number of transactions.

Account Details

  • Open with $100 deposit

  • 150 monthly transactions1 at no charge; $0.45 for each transaction over 150

  • QuickBooks integration

  • $1,000 in cash processing per month at no charge; $5 per month for totals over $1,000

  • Electronic statement at no charge; $3 monthly fee for paper statement

  • $14 monthly maintenance fee is reimbursed when you perform one of the following during a monthly statement cycle:
    • Deposit payment proceeds from your North State Bank merchant services account into your Essential Business Checking account
      - or -
    • Maintain $1,500 minimum daily balance
      - or -
    • Enroll and use Online Banking, including at least one paid transaction sent through Bill Pay  

1Transactions refers to any combination of deposits, paid items and deposited items, including paper and electronic.