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Throughout the year, we host educational programs on a variety of topics. Check out recordings from our most recent programs below.

Smarter in Five Minutes:

Commonly Asked Lending Questions

Recorded on September 29, 2022

Chris Bruffey responds to commonly asked questions about HOA loans.

Live at Our Hive

Recorded on September 22, 2022

We went "live at our hive" with Bee Downtown to take a look at life in the North State Bank hive at the North Carolina Museum of Art campus apiary.

A Step Ahead: Preventing Check Fraud

Recorded on April 26, 2022 

Gary Woodlief, Kelly Purcell and Katherine Skaggs provide tips on how community association management companies can avoid check fraud. 

Management Companies Under Attack: Real-Life Community Lessons in Ransomware

Recorded on November 18, 2021

CEO of HOA Living Michael Johnson shares his company’s experience with a ransomware attack along with expert tips on how to safeguard your business from North State Bank’s Director of Information Technology Alex Covington.