Life Line of Credit

Touring the Greek Islands. Creating your dream master bathroom. Sending your not-so-little-one to college.

Or, something else.  

A great alternative to a high-interest credit card, a personal line of credit can be used for large and small needs, including minor to moderate home improvements and repairs, vacations, debt consolidation, car repair and fluctuations in cash flow. Our Life Line of Credit includes these features:

  • Loan amounts from $1,000 to $50,000.
  • Continuous, easy access to funds by transferring money into a North State Bank deposit account using Online Banking. Funds may also be accessed by check or in-person draw from a banking office.
  • Interest due is determined based on the average amount borrowed from the line.
  • No origination fee.
  • One-time late payment fee forgiveness.
  • .25% interest reduction when enrolled in automatic payment remittance linked to a North State Bank deposit account.
  • The option to link your Line of Credit to a North State Bank deposit account, allowing the balance of the deposit account to offset all or a portion of the loan balance.

Subject to lender approval. Once opened, lines of credit are subject to periodic credit review.