Fraud Center


Stopping debit card fraud in its tracks.

North State Bank is enhancing debit card fraud monitoring and prevention with the addition of a new service called Fraud Center. Fraud Center uses advanced technology to review debit card transactions in near real-time. If a fraudulent charge is suspected, Fraud Center will contact you immediately. To make sure we can reach you quickly and easily, take a moment to confirm your mobile number and email address with your local North State Bank office.


Fraud Center Email First, Fraud Center will send an email notification to the primary cardholder. The email will prompt you to reply “fraud” or “no fraud” to let us know if the transaction was authorized.
Fraud Center Text Next, if you do not respond to the email within one minute, Fraud Center will send a text message to the mobile number we have on file. The text will prompt you to reply “fraud” or “no fraud” to let us know if the transaction was authorized.
Fraud Center Phone Then, if Fraud Center doesn’t receive a response to the email or text, you will receive an automated phone call prompting you to confirm or deny if the suspicious transaction was fraudulent. During this call, you will have the option to speak with a fraud analyst.

Fraud Center will repeat these attempts to reach you until the possible fraud has been confirmed or denied. In some instances, your card will be blocked for use until Fraud Center receives your response.

Fraud Center messages will not ask for your PIN or account number. Never give your account number or PIN out via text message or email.

The Fraud Center phone number is 1-800-417-4592 and it is open 24/7.

We recommend adding this number to your phone’s contacts and naming it “Fraud Center – North State Bank.” If you do, “Fraud Center – North State Bank” will display on your caller ID if you receive a call from this number. If you do not add Fraud Center to your contacts, caller ID will display the number as “Unknown.” You also can add the shortcode 32874 and label it “Fraud Center – North State Bank” so any texts from this number will display accordingly. Email notifications will come from this address: Add this address to your “safe sender” list so it is not blocked by a spam filter.

To speak with a North State Bank customer service representative about Fraud Center,
call 919-855-9925.