Digital Banking and Cash Management

  Computer screens green icons Online and Mobile Banking 

  • View account balances, transactions and images of cleared checks and items deposited
  • Use the Money Manager tool to connect accounts from other financial institutions, view spending habits by category, create and manage a budget as well as track debt.
  • Make North State Bank loan payments1
  • Transfer funds between North State Bank accounts and other financial institutions 1
  • Transfer funds from a North State Bank line of credit to a North State deposit account
  • Enroll in, view, print or save eStatements (identical to our printed and mailed statements, including check images)
  • Schedule and pay bills
  • Set up account alerts and receive them by email, text or upon logging in to Online Banking
  • Issue stop payments

Green mobile phone iconGo Mobile: Optimize Online Banking for use from your smartphone or tablet by downloading North State Bank Mobile from the app store associated with your device. With the app, you can take advantage of Online Banking services, plus use Mobile Deposit to deposit checks.1

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Dollar Bills Icon Sending and Receiving Funds 


Known for their speed and security, wire transfers1, 3 move funds both domestically and around the globe.

Flexible: Transfers can be scheduled in advance or initiated and delivered the same day.
Secure: Authorized employees are provided a unique Online Banking ID, password and secure authorization code to access the wire transfer system. Each user is assigned a maximum dollar amount they are authorized to wire.

 For same-day processing, domestic wires can be initiated until 5:00 p.m. EST each business day.

Preventing and Reporting Wire Fraud


Using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network1, 4 is a cost-effective, convenient way to collect and make payments.

Customizable: Import Nacha or CSV files to create batches or set up one-time payments directly in the system.
Efficient: Ensure timely collection of payments and improve cash flow by using ACH to receive funds.
Safe: Remove the potential risks associated with check payments.

For next-day processing, ACH batches must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. EST. Same-day processing is available for transactions submitted weekdays by 12:30 p.m. for a $7 per batch fee.


We offer three remote deposit1 options, allowing businesses the flexibility to enroll in the methods that best match their needs.

Online Banking Mobile Deposit: Deposit checks one at a time using the North State Mobile Banking app. This service is best suited for low-volume business customers. 

Remote Deposit Capture: Deposit checks from the convenience of your computer using a check scanner and a high-speed internet connection. Make a deposit by 7:00 PM EST to access funds as soon as the next business day.2 

Business Mobile Check Deposit: Deposit checks from the convenience of a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet without the use of a remote deposit scanner. This app-based service ideal for businesses that want the ability to make high-dollar batch deposits of checks remotely, but do not have the volume to warrant a remote deposit scanner. This service is available for a $10 a month flat fee.


Designed for companies with a high volume of receivables, Lockbox service1 quickly and accurately processes incoming payments.

How it works: Payments are sent to our Lockbox collection address where they are opened, processed according to your company’s specifications and deposited into your account.

Benefits: Lockbox service reduces administrative costs, as well as the opportunity for fraud, and improves accuracy and cash flow.

Medical Lockbox
For healthcare companies receiving a combination of electronic payments, check payments and EOBs, Medical Lockbox1 is designed for precision, speed and integration with your practice management system. HIPPA compliant, it includes the functionality of our Lockbox service along with enhancements designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers.

Puzzle Pieces Icon Account Management and Reconciliation 


Sweep options are available for select business checking accounts, linking to either another North State Bank deposit account or a line of credit.1

Deposit Account: Based on your cash flow parameters, this option automatically transfers funds at the close of business each day to or from your business checking account to or from another North State Bank account. Excess funds can be deposited into an interest-bearing account such as a money market, or it can pull funds from another account to cover overdraft/NSF situations.

Loan Sweep: Manage daily borrowing needs by linking your checking account to a North State Bank line of credit. Your end-of-day available balance can be used as payment toward the loan balance. You can borrow as-needed to maintain a defined target balance in your checking account.

 Zero Balance Account: Designed for companies managing cash flow for multiple checking or money market accounts, a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) is a subsidiary account linked to a primary checking account. For example, a company may choose to have one general operating account and separate ZBAs for payroll, expenses, tax payments, etc. The ZBAs will remain at a zero balance, with funds transferring in to cover account activity.


We offer several ways to integrate account information1 with your preferred accounting software:

 Autobooks: Designed to meet the needs of small businesses, Autobooks provides accounting, invoicing, and payment services directly integrated with your North State Bank accounts. Learn more.

 QuickBooks® Web Connect and Direct Connect: Users can utilize Web or Direct Connect services to link account data to their QuickBooks software.

Manual Data Export: Data can be exported from Online Banking and uploaded to the software of your choice.

Security Shield Icon Maximize Security 


Businesses can determine the level of access available to each authorized Online Banking user. By limiting access and functionality, companies reduce the opportunity for fraud.


Companies can opt to require multiple Online Banking users to authorize certain activities. For example, wire transfers or ACH origination can be set up to require the approval of two authorized users before transactions are completed.


In addition to each user’s unique Online Banking ID and password, we can set accounts to require a secure access code provided by text or phone for each Online Banking login.


We offer Positive Pay for both check and ACH transactions. With this service, all ACH debits and checks presented for payment are compared to a list of verified transactions provided by the company. If an item is presented for payment that does not match the verified activity, we will not pay it until it is approved. For more details, contact your banker.

Gray computer screen icons Comparing Online Banking and Cash Management Services

Business Online Banking: From monitoring transactions and account balances to paying bills, our Business Online Banking Center provides essential account functions, accounting software package integration and customizable security features.

Online Cash Management: Our most robust Online Banking tool, this package features many cash management tools, such as ACH origination and wire transfers. 

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View account balances and recent transactions
table checkmark table checkmark
Pay bills
table checkmark table checkmark
Make North State Bank loan payments
table checkmark table checkmark
View check images
table checkmark table checkmark
Transfer funds between North State Bank accounts
table checkmark table checkmark
View, print or save eStatements table checkmark table checkmark
Money Manager table checkmark
table checkmark
Mobile Deposit, Remote Deposit Capture2, Business Mobile Deposit5
table checkmark table checkmark

Autobooks and QuickBooks integration
(Autobooks service is $9.99 monthly, Direct Connect is $15 monthly)

table checkmark table checkmark
Provide unique login credentials for different users
table checkmark
table checkmark
Customize each user’s access level and rights
table checkmark
table checkmark
 Initiate wire transfers1, 3
table checkmark

$25 per month

 Originate ACH transactions1, 4
table checkmark

$25 per month

 Positive Pay Check Fraud Detection1
table checkmark

$10 monthly per account for check and/or ACH

Multi-Layer Authentication
(added layer of security for user login)

table checkmark
 Dual Controls
(requires two-person authorization to complete certain transactions, such as Wire transfers or ACH activities)

table checkmark

1 Subject to conditions, fees and/or approval.
2 Remote Deposit Capture is available for a fee. Customers choose from two options: 1) A one-time fee of $500 which includes a basic check scanner and ongoing use and support of Remote Deposit Capture service. 2) A one-time setup fee of $75 and an ongoing monthly fee of $25 for service and support, also including a basic check scanner. Batch scanner available for an additional fee.
For same-day processing, domestic wires can be initiated until 5:00 p.m. EST each business day.
4  The ACH Network is governed by Nacha operating rules. For next-day processing, ACH batches must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. EST.  Same-day processing is available for transactions submitted weekdays by 12:30 p.m. for a $7 per batch fee.
Business Mobile Deposit is available for a $10 a month flat  fee.