Contact Information Update

On Thursday, April 25, we will launch a new, enhanced Online Banking center. It will include all of the features in today’s Online Banking platform, plus new tools to make your Online Banking experience even better. As we prepare for this improvement, it’s critical for us to have your primary mobile number and email address. If this information is not correct in Online Banking, your online account access will be limited when we launch the new center.

A note for business customers enrolled in Online Cash Management:

A banking representative will contact you by phone to update your information. Alternately, you can contact your banker to review and update your information. For this reason, the steps below do not pertain to you, so please do not follow them.

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New Online Banking FAQs

Once you log on Online Banking, view and update your contact information by following these steps: 

From your Home screen, select "Options" from the top toolbar. 

Online Banking Login Screen Shot Image

Review the email address and mobile number we have on file (if any).

Review the information in the "Current Email Address" and "Alert Address" fields. These fields need to reflect your primary email address and mobile number. This is the information we'll use to send time-sensitive communications about Online Banking to you. It's important for you to have easy and frequent access to the phone number and email address you provide to us.  If this information is correct, no additional action is needed. 

Online Banking Login Screen Shot Image

If this information is incorrect or not your primary email address or phone number, replace it with your correct information and select "Submit." 
Online Banking Login Screen Shot Image 

We are excited to offer our new Online Banking center and in the coming weeks we will provide more details about the transition. Rest assured, your current Online Banking records will be maintained as we make this change. Your statement history and bill pay records will remain intact and will be accessible.

A Reminder About Sharing Your Information 

It’s important to note, North State Bank and other reputable financial institutions will not call you to ask for sensitive information such as your account number, personal identification number and Social Security number. If you receive a call from someone posing as a representative from a reputable company requesting that type of information, do not provide it. It is a common tactic used by criminals to steal your information to gain access to your accounts. If we do not hear from you to confirm your contact information, a banking representative may call to confirm contact information only. We will not ask for secure data such as your account number, PIN and Social Security Number.