Bill Pay

Bill Pay

What’s new:

  • Terms and Conditions: During your first login on or after September 6, you will be asked to review and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Challenge question: During your first login on or after September 6, you may be asked a challenge question based on information you provided during your Online Banking enrollment.
  • A New Look: Bill Pay has a new look. View our interactive demo to preview the new layout and features:

Interactive Bill Pay Demo

Videos: How to Pay a Bill, Pay a Person and More

Bill Pay Demo

  • eBills: Receive bills from select Payees directly through Online Banking. eBills help you decrease paper clutter and are the fast, safe way to receive bills through the secure environment of Online Banking.
  • Person-to-Person Payments: With Person-to-Person payments, you have three delivery methods to choose from:
    • Email the recipient a link so they can deposit the funds to an account of their choosing.
    • Direct deposit funds to the person’s account (routing and account numbers are needed).
    • Mail a paper check.
  • Rush Payment: Have a paper check delivered the next business day with the new Rush Payment feature. (Note: there is a $14.95 fee for this service.)

What is the same:

  • Online Banking: The web pages associated with viewing your account activity (debit card transactions, deposits, cleared checks, funds transfers, etc.), are a part of Online Banking and will remain unchanged. Only items under the “Bill Pay” tab have changed.
  • Login credentials: Your username and password remain the same.  You will continue to access Bill Pay once logged into Online Banking from
  • Payee list: The list of organizations and people you have entered in Bill Pay are still saved and available.
  • Scheduled payments: All scheduled payments will be processed (including those scheduled to be paid during the outage period).
  • Payment history: From September 6 forward, the most recent 90 days of payment history will be available in Bill Pay. For payments older than 90 days, please reference your account statements. To access the available payment history for September 2, 2016, and prior, locate the prompt on the “History” page which can be accessed by selecting the “View history” link, which is directly under the “Payments” table on the Bill Pay home page.

Bill Pay Account History